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Mahjong Connect 2

About the Game

Mahjong connect 2 is the continuation of the original Mahjong Connect game.
If you are familiar with the original one, you will love this version, it contains much more levels, options and bonuses you can collect.

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How to play Mahjong Connect 2?

The rules are similar to the regular Mahjong Connect game,
The game's goal is to clear all the tiles within the given time.
The rule of thumb is - you can remove two identical tiles if they can be connected by no more than three straight lines.
Here are few examples of valid ways to connect and clear two identical tiles:
Valid moves

The game features few helpful items that you can use, they appear on the right side of the game page.
Helpful items
The Sword - Eliminates a random pair of tiles.
The Telescope - Gives a hint about a pair of tiles to remove.
Shuffle - Shuffle all the tiles on the board.
The Sandglass - Adds 8 seconds to the timer.
The Cannon - Eliminates two random pairs of tiles.

Once you finish a level, the following screen will appear:
End of level screen
Note that you can write down the password, quit the game anytime, and continue later by entering this password on the main screen:
Continue your game


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