Mahjong Dragon - Mahjong and Dragons!

Patterns Link

About the Game

The standard Mahjong Connect game you know and love, but instead of Chinese tiles the tiles have different patterns on them, making them slightly easier to spot.

Instructions on how to play Patterns Link

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How to play Patterns Link?

The rules are identical to the classic Mahjong Connect game, with two exceptions:
1. You can restart levels with the "Restart" button (see below).
2. The tiles have patterns on them instead of Chinese characters, making them easier to spot.

There are 10 levels in total.
The board will be automatically shuffled if there are no more available moves.

Here are some Important game buttons:
Game timer - when the time runs out the game is over, you will get a bit of extra time for every pair of matched tiles.
Restart the current level.
Show hint
Shows a possible match, the number of hints is limited, so use them wisely. you will get one extra hint for each completed level.

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