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Mahjong Candy

About the Game

A delicious candy themed Mahjong solitaire game!
Each game will start with a new randomized board, match all the tiles before running out of time.
a subtle hint will show automatically after a few secodns without activity (if no tiles are selected).

Instructions on how to play Mahjong Candy

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How to play Mahjong Candy?

The number of available matches is displayed on the top-right.
You can turn toggle the sound on or off from the pause menu.
Mahjong Candy

Shuffling the board costs 20 seconds, even if you are forced to shuffle because there are no more moves.
Match the multiplier tiles (2X and 3X) as soon as possible to maximize the score.
Match the same tiles again for a Multi-match bonus.
The faster you complete the board, the more Time Bonus will be added.

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