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Mahjong Dimensions

About the Game

Mahjong Connect in 3D!
Rotate the board, match as many tiles as possible and finish as many levels as possible before running out of time.

Instructions on how to play MahJong Dimensions

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How to play Mahjong Dimensions?

Click two tiles to match them.
You cannot click tiles that are blocked by other tiles on their left and right sides.

Match as quickly as possible to complete as many levels as you can before running out of time!
Unlike other Mahjong Connect games, you will not get extra time for matching tiles.

Click the pink arrows on the bottom or use the keyboard arrow keys to rotate the puzzle and find matches on other sides.
Mahjong Dimensions

Make a match within 3 seconds of another match to get a X2 score.
Match the same images in a row to get a X5 score.
You can rearrange the tiles only once per level, so use this only if you're really stuck.

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