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Mahjong Connect

About the Game

MahJong connect is one of the most addicting puzzle games around.
Using the classic Majiang pieces, this new puzzle game brings a whole new experience.
So, get ready ... and match the pairs together while the time is running out.
The game contains 12 levels, in ascending level of difficulty,
While the first few level are relatively easy, the game becomes very challenging afterwards.
You can pause the game by pressing "P", there is no way to save your game and continue later.

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How to Play Mahjong Connect?

Step 1:
From the Main Screen select the "Play" option.

Step 2:
The objective of the game is to clear the board by matching identical pairs
Unlike the standard MahJong Solitaire, you can match two pieces together only in the following cases:
1. The tiles are adjust to each other
2. you can draw a straight line between them (e.g. no other tiles between).
3. You can draw a path of two or three straight lines between them

Here are few examples of valid matches:
How to play this Mah Jong Game

Your time is limited, when the time runs out, the game will end.
Once you match two tiles together, you will get a bonus of few more seconds.

The bottom panel gives you some information and tools :
Bottom panel of this Mahjong game
Panel (1) shows the current difficulty level, when you'll clear the board, you will advance one level.
Panel (2) shows the remaining time, once the time is over, the game will end.
Button (3) sends you back to the main menu.
Button (4) Pauses the game.
Button (5) Gives you a hint about the next pair you can match, note that the number of hints is limited
So use them only when you're out of ideas and running out of time.

Step 3:
That's it! you're ready to play,
Take a few minutes to experience with the game, it might be a little hard to understand at first glance,
but once you got the idea, it is really addictive.

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