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The great MahJong is a version of Shanghai online mahjong solitaire and one of the finest. Featuring sleek graphics, good Chinese music, ability to undo moves and to show the right solution.
Two modes are available, the Classic Solitaire game, and time attack (where you have only limited
time to solve the set)
The game contains 20 different sets, including the classic turtle layout and few more surprising sets.

Instructions on how to play The great Mahjong Game
More about Shanghai Mahjong Solitaire from the MahJong Encyclopedia

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How to play The Great Mahjong game?

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Step 1:
From the main screen select the "New game" option.
You can also view the game instructions on the second option of the menu.

Step 2:
A new menu will open, with two options -
The first one is "Play Classic Game" - This is the classic Mahjongg Solitaire game,
the timer will run forward, and will measure how fast you can solve the set.
The second option is "Play Time Attack" - This option will cause the timer to count backward,
so you will have a limited time to solve the set, once the time is over, you will lose the game.

Step 3:
This menu allows you to select the layout, the first default selection is the basic dragon layout, Press the buttons marked with (1) to choose between 20 different types of layouts, and press (2) to play.

Instruction for selecting the layout

Step 4:
The game will start, here is the description of the screen top and bottom parts -
Top part of the Game screen
Panel (1) Shows how many valid moves are left on the board, using this panel you can estimate if your last move was
successful (e.g. helped to reveal more valid moves).
Panel (2) In Classic mode, shows how much time passed since you have started the game.
In time attack mode, this panel shows how much time you still have to solve the board.
Panel (3) Shows your score, every time you will match two tiles, your will get few points.

Bottom part of the game screen
Button (4) lets you turn the music and sound effects on and off.
Button (5) opens a submenu with the option to exit to the main menu or to show the correct solution.
Button (6) will undo the last move, you can undo as many moves as you like.

Step 5:
To find out how to play Mahjongg Solitaire, visit our MahJong Encyclopedia

Step 6:
When you will finish the board, the next screen will appear, click the button to get back to the main menu:
Board finished

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