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Welcome to MahJong Dragon

Welcome to the MahJong Dragon!

MahJongg (Ma Jiang in Chinese) is one of the most popular games in East Asia.
This site features online MahJong and MahJong solitaire games,
Plus, a complete MahJong encyclopedia, and a special part dedicated to Dragons and art.
We wish your hours of fun!

Play Mahjong Solitaire

It's time to play MahJong Solitaire...

Just click and play online Mahjong for free, No installation required.

Play MahJong Shanghai Solitaire
Play MahJongg Solitaire (simple version)

Play MahJong Connect

MahJong Connect

Mahjong Connect is an addicting tile matching puzzle.

Play Mahjong Connect (SiChuan MahJong)
Play Mahjong Connect 2
MahJong Connect (Second Version)


Japanese Mahjong

Play Japanese Mahjong - the real deal!
Build your sets, discard tiles and plan ahead in order to win the game.

Play MahJong

Information about the MahJong Game

The MahJong Encyclopedia

Complete review of the game rules and briefing on the history of MahJong,
You can find in the Encyclopedia all you need to know about the board and the sets, pictures, images and much more!

Winter Mahjong

Mahjong for Every Season

Summer, Winter or Spring, we got just the Mahjong you need!
Winter? Play Winter Mahjong and Christmas Mahjong!

Chinese Dragons

About Dragons

Dragons - a myth or a scary truth?
Find out here, the story about the mythical dragons.

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