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About Chinese Dragons

The Celestial Chinese Dragon is considered to be one of the symbols of the Chinese race itself.
In the Chinese tradition, Dragons are divine mythical creatures that bring good fortune and prosperity, the legend of the Dragon permeates the ancient Chinese civilization and shaped the Chinese culture until these days.
The Year of the Dragon takes place every 12 years and considered to be lucky. many believe that children that were born during a dragon Year will enjoy wealth and long life.
Chinese Dragon
Chinese Dragon
While Western Dragons are usually associated with negative energies, the Eastern Dragons are wise and friendly.
They are respected and loved and many shrines have been built to honor them,
They are considered to control many aspects of life such as the rivers, rain and seas.
Many cities in China have pagodas where people used to burn incense and pray to the dragons.
There few different types of dragons -
The coiling dragon, the celestial dragon, the horned dragon, the winged dragon, the dragon of treasures, the spiritual dragon, and the yellow dragon.
The last type is the dragon king - (which are actually four different types) which rules the east, south, west, and north.
Chinese Dragon
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