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The real deal! an exciting online mahjong game.
Complete the sets, discard unneeded tiles and plan ahead in order to beat you opponents.

Instructions on how to play Japanese Mahjong

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The goal of the game is to order your 14 tiles into a hand, the hand should be composed of combinations of Pon, Chii or Kan:
A Pon is a set of three identical tiles.
A Chii is a set of three tiles of the same suit and consecutive numbers. (but cannot be composed of dragon or wind tiles).
A Kan is a set of four consecutive tiles.

For explanation about the tiles, please see our encyclopedia entry for Mahjong Tiles

Step 1:
You will start with 13+1 tiles.
On every turn you will have to discard one tile by clicking on it.
On the image below, (1) is the new tile you got from the deck, it will always appear on the right side.
(2) - you should choose one tile to discard from the 14 tiles by clicking on it - it's ok to discard the new tile that you just got.
Step 1

Step 2:
As mentioned, your Goal is to arrange the 14 tiles into a hand, here are few examples for valid winning hands:

The most common hand - Four sets and one pair (Tsumo), for example - four Pons (identical tiles) and one pair:
Four triples and one pair

Seven sets of pairs:
Seven sets of pairs

One Chii (4-5-6), Pon and 4 pairs.
Two sets of three, three pair sequences and one pair
Few other examples of winning hands:
- All of your tile are from the same suit (for example all are Bamboo)
- 4 Different Chiis and a pair.
- 3 Kans and a pair.

Step 3:
When the opponent next to you discards a tile that you may need, a Yellow hand will appear (1)
If you want to get this tile - click the text label below your tiles (2).
The tile will be added to your set, and the set will be exposed on the right side (3).

Before you pick the tile:
Pick an opponent's tile
After you clicked (2) and picked the tile:
After you picked the tile

Step 4:
Sometimes,when you will want to pick an opponent's tile, the message "Click tiles(s)" will appear (4).
This is because there are two or more options to make a set using the new tile.
In the example below - we can create a 2-3-4 set (2) or 3-4-5 set (3).
Click on the tile you want the new tile to join to (for example, click on the "2" tile to create the 2-3-4 set).
Choose a set

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