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Christmas Mahjong Solitaire

Oh my god, it's Christmas!
It's time to play a special X-Mas version of Mahjong Solitaire
Play 11 layouts of this special, X-Mas Mahjong Solitaire game.
To select a level, click "Play" and then click on the right or left layout images to scroll.

Instructions on how to play Mahjong Solitaire
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How to play X-Mas MahJong?

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Step 1:
When the game starts, press "Play" to start.
How to play Christmas Mahjong - 1

Step 2:
Change layouts by clicking on the right or left images, once you decided which layout to play, click on the center image.
How to play Christmas Mahjong - 2

Step 3:
Here are some keys and controls, from top to bottom:
Pause the game.
Undo last turn
Get a hint
there is an indicator on the bottom-left showing your time
How to play Christmas Mahjong - 3

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